The Blockchain Ecosystem for Self Storage

Optimus Storage Network (OSN) is designed to take advantage of the recession resistant demand in the Self Storage industry and provide a unique blockchain solution backed by a real world use case, not found in many other blockchain applications. OSN provides a holder with a blockchain ecosystem that represents the self storage industry. Market participants may enjoy the concept of a blockchain suite designed for self storage. As OSN expands this support from facilities coupled with future plans for the integrated web app should provide continued long term adoption.

Optimus Storage Network CF Offering

How it works

OSN sponsors blockchain options for use in self storage facilities. In return, users of OSN participate in the growth of the ecosystem and its efficiencies. Where facilities can sign up with little or no cost and benefit from our marketing spend in their locations, gaining customers and incentives at the same time.


Online Search And Reservation App

In time Self Storage locations registered with us will be able to process crypto payments via our 3rd party vendors and need not worry about chargeback or fraud thanks to blockchain technology bringing a cost savings to the facility.

OSN Token

Self Storage locations and customers alike may benefit from holding our ecosystem token OSN as demand and use expand into the future. Locations using OSN in their marketing plans get preferred visibility while customers gain incentives that can be used in other participating facilities once fully implemented.

Optimus Storage Network's expanding ecosystem drives value

With OSN's suite of coming features and its fixed supply this demand should drive value for all participants as the ecosystem grows. In addition, Optimus Storage Network benefits from real cash flow in the Storage industry and operations to further support the market.

The total revenue for all self storage is estimated at $0 for the year so far.


The hurdles for a more efficient operations moving forward have been solved in a large part via blockchain networks and their ability to facilitate very low transaction fees.


With the explosion of innovative technology in the blockchain space providing alternative forms of liquidity options for token creators, an updated vision has been needed for a predictable and more stable trading environment while remaining fully compliant with current regulations. These added compliance requirements will no doubt lead to a safer environment for all.

The use of blockchain paves the way for OSN to add value and work with other service providers through the integration into existing management software used presently in the Self Storage Industry.

At the time of this writing there are nearly 60,000 Self Storage facilities in operation or planned in the US, with an average size of around 50,000 sq ft. The aggregate revenue in the industry is over $3 Billion per Month! This model is the base of support for Optimus Storage Network as we work with individual facility owners, software providers and 3rd party management companies to continually expand the adoption and increase profitability for the owners of these facilities.

OSN Core Features

Based on Blockchain

Creating OSN on the Blockchain allows it to have low fees and an easy access to the crypto markets, which enables real time settlement to and from cash at any time using our 3rd Party vendors.


OSN is on a decentralized blockchain which gives it access to an open and public ledger. This enables OSN to be used in a trust-less fashion and provides security from centralized threats and coordinated attacks.

Real Economic Value

OSN’s value is driven with the expansion of its ecosystem, which is supported by the self storage industry. Loyalty programs through OSN for Storage owners and customers will provide durable and long term benefits.

Expanding Use Cases

As Optimus Storage Network expands its offerings, we will continue to review complimentary use cases, including new opportunities from transactions as well as other customer generated ideas to make facility and customer experience more fluid and profitable.


In order for the average customer to use and retain OSN, it must be simple and efficient. Built on the strength of blockchain technology and the creation of a simplified first time use; the resistance to change from customers is reduced.


With the strong cash flow of the Storage industry undergirding demand for OSN and the Proof of Stake dynamics of a blockchain token; opportunities exist to expand rewards and alliances beyond basic functions.

Our Roadmap

Risks of Optimus Storage Network (OSN) and Cryptocurrencies

We encourage everyone interested in OSN and all Cryptocurrencies to be aware of the risks associated with the markets and digital assets in aggregate.

We encourage all participants to review and keep up to date on the guidance offered by the SEC specific to Cryptocurrency regulation. Here is a link to a recent discussion and we urge everyone to review and make themselves familiar with the direction and updates from the regulatory authorities. Click Here

Also, discussions in general regarding ICO's here: Click Here

Optimus Storage Network makes every attempt to be fully compliant with all regulations and we always will encourage any participant in the Cryptocurrency markets to never commit any funds that you are not willing to lose all or part of; this should always be considered Risk Capital. OSN and all Cryptocurrencies derive their value almost totally from basic Supply and Demand economics and as a result can have more volatility than other assets.